Tips for Fishing Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing pre-spawn bass in late winter and early spring can be a difficult challenge for any angler looking to snag a ton of bites. That being said, catching pre-spawn bass around late February can yield bigger, better quality bass than you could find when the waters start to warm up. Talk about quality over quantity. Now, while pre-spawn bass catches are sure to be few and far between, each one you catch will surely make your whole fishing trip worth it, especially when you use your hand-picked baits and lures from Tackle Monkey. With your proven bates in hand and these tips for fishing pre-spawn bass, you’re sure to have the best time in fishing!

The Best Places to Find Pre-Spawn Bass

Before you can start catching pre-spawn bass, you need to know where to find them! Some popular places that pre-spawn bass like to spend most of their time during late winter and early spring are the spots that absorb the most heat from the sun. These spots attract plankton, shad, and ultimately bass!

Some common places where you can find bass are:
  • Transition banks in reservoirs – these spots allow the bass to go into shallows for food before retreating into deeper water.
  • Sandy shores – sand absorbs heat from the sun easier, creating a warm pocket of water for bass.
  • Hydrilla and grassy areas – bass will always be hiding and waiting in grassy areas where they can easily hunt.

Which Lures Are Best for Catching Pre-Spawn Bass

When winter rolls around the temperature of the waters where bass lives begin to drop, so will their levels of activity. Naturally, in colder waters, the less energy that bass expend, the less they will need to eat so they are lethargic. This is a cycle where they expend fewer calories so they require less intake and this makes it difficult to get bites. That being said, bass will bite if they can easily catch a meal without burning a lot of energy. This is where your choice of bait and the strategy that you take to attract a bite come into play. So if you want to get bites from pre-spawn bass, you’ll need to change
your fishing technique and the lures that you use. A few that we love to use for pre-spawn bass include: Crankbait – We recently included the CD20 Silent Slayer from JenkoFishing— an excellent crankbait for fishing pre-spawn bass. Swimbait – The right swimbait, one that is slow and has a little wobble to it, can be a really easy meal for pre-spawn bass that isn’t going to work very hard for a meal. Any swimbait or soft plastic can get you more than a few pre-spawn bass. Jig – Simple jigs are perfect for attracting large bites when fishing pre-spawn bass. Take your jig and drag it along the bottom on across brush piles and near boat docks.

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