If you’re a fan of pro bass fishing competitions, you may notice that they don’t use landing nets when they reel in their bites. That’s because anglers don’t need a net in order to pull even the biggest bites out of the water and onto your boat! At Tackle Monkey, we’ve been fishing for bass for a long time and we know a thing or two about catching bass and we’re here to explain why bass anglers don’t need a net in order to go out and catch more bass.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Bass Biting!

One of the main reasons why fishermen use nets when they want to bring in their catch is to prevent accidentally getting bit by the fish. But when you’re fishing for bass, that’s not something that you have to worry about. While bass do have teeth, they don’t really bite. Most of the time you can lip bass and remove your baits with your bare hands, so you really don’t have anything to worry about!

Protect the Slime Coat for Catch and Release

If you’re catching and releasing bass, you don’t want to use a landing net because you can hurt the fish. Bass are naturally coated with a slime that keeps them protected from bacteria and parasites when they are in the water. If you use a landing net, the bass’ thrashing against the net will remove this protective coating and leave them vulnerable when you return them into the water.

Challenge Yourself Like the Pros

When you watch professional FLW anglers on TV, you’ll notice that they don’t use nets. For many anglers who want to feel like the pros, not using a net can create a more challenging fishing experience where you’ll need to use a little more skill to bring in those bigger bites!

Nets Take up Space on Jon Boats and Paddle Boards

Unless you have a pretty penny to spend on a large bass fishing boat, you’re probably fishing from a simple jon boat or paddleboard. Keeping a net on board with you means that you need enough room on your boat for your net and your buddy who’s doing you the favor of helping you with it!

Fishing Can Be a One-Man Job!

When you use a landing net to catch bass, you need somebody there with you to help pull out the net at the right time. This can be a problem if you’re fishing by yourself or fishing on a small jon boat.