Looking for the best bass fishing lures? Tackle Monkey has you covered. It doesn’t matter if you are a rookie or a full-fledged pro angeler‚ there are a handful of bass fishing lures that you should always keep in your tackle box. Being prepared for whatever situation the weather or the waters throw at you can help you catch bigger and better bites any time of the year. Now we all have a favorite bait and lure that is our go-to, but it’s never a bad idea to keep a handful of baits that work for any situation like when there is more or less cloud cover or when the water is too clear or too murky.

1. Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits are a classic for anglers of all skill levels. Bass are visual hunters and when you have a lure like spinnerbait that is designed with a lot of movement and eye-catching flash in mind, you’re sure to get more than a few bites. Spinnerbaits are a must-have in your tackle box because they come in handy in a bunch of different situations from fishing slow in cold, murky waters, or pitch them into warm clear waters! Bass really can’t resist spinnerbaits but don’t be surprised to find pike and crappie on the end of your line either!

2. Crankbait

Crankbaits are our go-to baits for fishing lakes, ponds, and reservoirs! When we need a lure that imitates an injured fish, crankbaits typically do the job pretty well. Most of the crankbaits that we include in our Tackle Monkey subscription box tend to come with 2 or 3 hooks so that you never miss a bite! Crankbaits are some of the most successful lures for anglers and they are in just about everyone’s tackle box. If you take one tip from this blog, let it be that crankbaits are one of the most useful bass fishing lures that you can have in your tackle box.

3. Soft plastics

Soft plastics are a good bait to keep in your tackle box for bass fishing because they have the advantage of moving more realistically underwater. The soft plastic lures mimic how a soft fish, work, or crawfish would move underwater and that’s very appealing to bass. It’s a good idea to keep a few different color soft plastic lures that will look similar to the bait that the bass in your waters is used to eating around that time of year.

4. Spinner

Spinnerbaits are great for rookie anglers who want something that is tried, true, and simple to use. Spinners are pretty simple, they have a lead head for sinking, a skirt to attract bass, a nice sharp hook, and usually one or two spinners on the back end to be more reflective. Spinners are great for fishing in cover and they will rip through weeds with ease.