Bass Fishing Tips: How to Fish for Bass

Fishing for bass can be a lot of fun once the bites start coming in, but getting those first few bites can be tricky. Especially if you are just starting out. So how to pro anglers go about attracting so many bites while they’re out fishing for bass? If you want to catch more bass, then you need to make sure that not only do you have the best baits and lures available but that you also have some time-tested and true bass fishing tips that will help you catch more fish! At Tackle Monkey, we put in countless hours of fishing to make sure that we always include proven bates and lures in each Tackle Monkey Nation box that goes out! When combined with these Bass fishing tips, you’re sure to get more bites!

Find Bass in Cover

You can’t catch bass if you don’t know where to find them! Bass are stealthy hunters and like to use cover like grass, wood, and rocks to sneak up on perch, shads, and even crawfish. Because of this, it’s more likely that if you cast your bait into a cover, that you will get significantly more bites than you would if you found a bass swimming out in the open. This is also a good way to find pre-spawn bass that are more likely to be in shallow, protected areas where they can protect their eggs.

Match the Hatch

Have you ever heard the phrase, “match the hatch—” of course you have! Match the hatch basically means that since bass are predators and what they prey on can vary wildly depending on what’s available in your home waters, the best way to get a bite is touse bait that emulates what bass in your area are eating. A good way to find out what bass are eating in your area is to: Look around the shallows – bass will feed on smaller fish so finding out what little fish are in your home waters will help you choose the right bait. Look for crawfish and other animals under rocks or near cover
Look in the Livewell tank – once you catch a bass, it is common for it to spit out anything that it was eating in the Livewell. This will give you an idea of what kind of bait they will bite.

Make Your Bait Seasonal

Just like it’s important to know what kind of bait to use for fishing for bass in your area, it’s also important to be aware of what bass like to eat depending on the season. This could be the difference between getting a ton of bites, and none at all! A general rule to keep in mind is that bass will feed more in the spring and as a result will go after bigger prey. Use bigger baits and lures around this time. In the winter when they slow down, chrome and silver baits emulate the shad that they like.

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