What Are the Best Summer Baits and Lures for Bass

Are you looking for the best summer baits and lures for bass to include in your tackle box this summer? Well, your friends here at Tackle Monkey Nation have done some of the work for you! Here are a few of our favorite baits and lures that are sure to help you catch more bass!

CD20 Silent Slayer from Jenko Fishing

If you’re in the market for a deep-diving crankbait that’ll catch you some monster-sized bass, then look no further than the CD20 Silent Slayer from Jenko Fishing! This bad boy is a lightweight crankbait that quickly dives deep with less drag and pull than other baits. Equipped with two sharp VMC hooks, this badass crankbait is perfect for catching Bass in the summer but silent enough to attract even the most finicky and pressured fish. Retailing at $11.99, you know we had to include the CD20 Silent Slayer in our Tackle Monkey Nation box.

Specs: 78mm, 1oz | 20ft depth and beyond

Sharp VMC hooks

The Original Steelshad

If you’re looking for a fishing bait that imitates injured fish that you can use at any depth in order to generate more strikes, then the Original Steelshad is the bait for you. This little3/8oz stainless steel bait is fitted with a small lead weight to give this bait a realistic feel. At 2 ¾ inches long, the Original Steelshad is fitted with two #6 VMC perma-steel hooks that are perfect for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Retailing at around $7.49 a pop, this classic bait should be a staple in everyone’s tackle box!

Specs: 2 ¾ inches, 3/8 oz | Any Depth

Azuma Popper-Z “The Fish Call”

The Azuma Popper-Z is the high-performance topwater exclusive from Profound Outdoors that was designed for the pros! Rightly nicknamed “the fish call,” this monster bass catcher is one of the best summer baits around for catching bass! When used on the surface of the water correctly, this lure is tried and true. This is hands down a must-have lure in everyone’s tackle box. The Azuma Popper-Z features 2 razor-sharp treble hooks that help you get increased hook penetration and the leverage over bigger, more aggressive fish!

Specs: 2 ¾ inches, 0.4oz | Topwater

4” Baby Momma from Buddha Bait Co.

With over 25 years of experience in the fishing industry, Buddha Bait Co. has its 4’ Baby Momma bait down to a science! The slimy, green pumpkin baits my look simple, but so much thought goes into ensuring that these baits catch more fish! Baby Momma baits are scented with garlic to ensure that the bass hangs on longer and made with natural, realistic colors that attract more bites. The ribs on this bait are reversed to make the bait slide in and out of cover more easily. This is the perfect bait to use with both flipping and pitching for catching bass. All you have to do is throw some Baby Mommas in your tackle box and go catch some fish!

Specs: 4 inches, Comes in an 8-pack | All Depths

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