When you start to feel the weather cooling as we move deeper into the Fall, you will notice that Bass will start changing their behaviors in order to adapt to the cooling waters. Bass are transitioning from their summer feeding patterns to their winter habits, and this is the perfect time to catch monster bass! As the fish start to adapt, so should you! At Tackle Monkey, we’ve caught incredible bass in the fall, and we wanted to make sure that you can too! Here are some bass fishing tips for catching more fish in the Fall so that you can make a killing all season long!

Where Are the Best Places To Find Bass in the Fall

The first thing that you should do when looking for bass in the Fall is to pick out the perfect fishing spot. During the cooler months, you can find bass creeping around coves, bays, creek arms, and around bait. During the fall season, bass are packing up on calories before the winter sets in, so you can usually find them around bait. That’s where you’re going to get the best bites.

Typically, we like to look around for some light cover where bass might be hiding out. If you can find some submerged vegetation near shallows and plenty of shad, then there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll find bass hunting nearby.

Look for the baitfish and get in there fast. You want to take advantage of their feeding so that you can snag a few bites.

What Are the Best Baits and Lures To Use for Fall Bass Fishing?

When it comes to catching bass in the fall, there are quite a few different options available as far as baits and lures go. Choosing the best bait really depends on a few things: what baitfish are common around you. You want to be sure that the baits that you choose imitate the bait in the water, so you need to be aware of the size, color, and species that the bass in your area are feeding on.

Choosing the best bait also depends on how deep the water that you’re casting in is. That being said, here are a couple of baits that we love to use in the fall.

Topwater – Topwater baits and lures are great baits to use if you are fishing in low light visibility where there is plenty of cloud cover. Topwater baits are perfect for fishing bass in the fall because you can almost count on the weather being more overcast and that’s a great time to take advantage of topwater baits.

Lipless Crankbaits – Lipless crankbaits are perfect for fishing bass in the spring and fall when you’re fishing in about 2 feet of water down to about 7 feet deep where there is vegetation. When you can find bass feeding on shad in the shallows, a lipless crankbait can be absolutely deadly.