When you want to catch a bass this Thanksgiving to impress your buddies, it’s important to know which baits to use and where to find the biggest bass. Not too sure about how to do that? Don’t worry, Tackle Monkey is here to help you catch a bass this Thanksgiving.

What Changes in the Fall for Bass?

When the seasons change from hot summer days to cool autumn air, you can expect the bass’s behavior that you’re tracking to change as well. When the bass starts changing their behavior, it’s time for you to change your fishing tactics.

The most significant change for bass moving into the fall is that bass starts moving into more shallow waters than they have been. During the summer, bass hangs out in deep waters where they can keep cool and only really move to the shallows in the early morning and as the sun starts to drop. But as the water begins to cool down as we move into the fall, you will notice them moving into the shallows. That’s where you should head too.

Where To Find Bass in the Fall

As we mentioned above, you can find bass in the shallows during fall. More specifically, you can find bass feeding on shad and crawfish in the shallows near drops and ledges where ponds and lakes meet rivers. This is an excellent time to bass fishing because bass is chomping at everything, trying to get those calories in for winter, where they slow down, and the bites stop rolling in as fast.

Match Your Lures To Baitfish in Your Area

One of the most important things that any angler can remember to do is to match their lures to the bait in the water that your local bass is feeding on. Matching the size and color of your lures to match the shad, crawfish, or frogs in your fishing pond can help you attract more bites. Personally, I like using soft plastic crawfish around this time of year because that’s just what’s common around these parts, and it works, but everybody of water will be different.

Using a Football Jig

When you’re fishing bass in the shallows, you need to use a lure that really shines when you’re dragging it through rocks, grass, and cover. The football head on the jig will keep your line away from any rocks or cover and lets you drag it across the bottom with pretty good success. We recommend this kind of jig, especially when you are fishing in shallows and creek channels.

Catching Bass With Tackle Monkey

While fishing bass around the fall will be different for all of us depending on where you live, you can typically expect the bass to start changing their behavior when the water temperature starts to hit the low 50 degrees range. No matter where you fish, you can count on Tackle Monkey, sending you the best baits for catching bass this Thanksgiving. By subscribing to our fishing subscription box, you will receive the best baits for catching bass this fall. Get your box today.