At TackleMonkey, there’s nothing that we love more than catching trophy bass all day long. Whether we’re fishing from a Jon boat or casting from the banks of our favorite bass fishing spots, we love to share our favorite bass fishing tips and lures! If you’ve ever wondered how to fish bass from the bank of your favorite fishing spot, then this one’s for you. Here are the proven tips and tricks for catching bigger bass from the bank.

Wear Dark Clothing

The first thing to know about fishing bass from the bank is that these bass are probably a lot less pressured than the lake bass that you’re used to fishing from a large lake. Because of this, the bass in ponds and smaller fishing spots tend to be more skittish and easily spooked. So it’s important to use the element of surprise as much as possible. Wearing darker clothes can help keep you from sticking out like a sore thumb when you approach the bank. Now you don’t have to wear all black or anything but a dark color t-shirt works.

Keep Your Distance From the Water

In the same vein of not being spotted by paranoid fish for wearing bold and bright-colored clothing, you want to be sure that you approach the bank quietly while keeping your distance from the water. It may not be ideal for casting, but you would be surprised how many more fish you can catch by standing 5 feet from the water. It sure does beat walking up to the water and seeing a couple spooked bass scatter because you startled them. Once you’ve caught a couple of fish from a few feet back, you can start working your way forward and getting better angles.

Use Quiet Fishing Techniques First

Because pond and creek bass can be less pressured than your usual lake bass, you want to switch up the casting techniques that you use. Instead of starting out with aggressive fishing techniques and trying to catch a few aggressive bites right off the bat, you would be better off using lightweight lures and a quiet approach. After all, bass that isn’t pressured isn’t going to be very likely to go after lures that go whizzing by them. That would have the opposite effect. Try to cast clockwise from the bank starting at your 9 o’clock and working my way to the right to your 3 o’clock each time you cast a line.

The Best Lures to Use for Bank Fishing

When it comes to choosing the right lures for fishing bass from the bank, there are a couple that you could go for that would work but we like using stick worms, soft plastics, and swimbaits. Stick worms are very versatile and they are lightweight, and they probably catch more bass than any lures out there. Cast stick worms near cover and near shade and sit back and catch more bass. Soft plastic lures that emulate small creatures like crawfish are perfect for catching bass near the bank. Finally, swimbaits imitate baitfish that may be foraging near the bank.

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