We didn’t just decide to start selling the best fishing lure subscription box on the market because we have a passion for baits (we do), we also did it because we love fishing and all of the incredible lessons that fishing has taught us. It’s a pretty big part of who we are even when we aren’t out on the lake. And if there’s one thing that’s true about bass fishing, it’s that it can teach you A LOT about life off of the lake. From learning how patience can be the key to success to learning to take good care of your personal belongings and learning to love and respect the great outdoors, there’s something that we can all learn. Here’s how you can get your kids excited about fishing so that they can learn how to master these valuable life skills.

Start Young

Starting your kids off young to love bass fishing can be one of the best things that you could do for them. When they are young, their brains are like sponges and they will soak in all of this incredible information that will help them out later in life. Starting them out young can be a great way to establish fishing as a traditional family pastime. There’s also the added bonus that by the time they are teenagers, they will have been fishing for a decade. They will have years and years of memories and experience fishing and they will be excited about it later in life.

Have Fun

It doesn’t matter how much YOU love fishin’, if your kids aren’t having fun doing it, it won’t stick. When you can make the whole experience of fishing fun for the whole family, they will take to it like a fish in water.

Treat fishing like a fun activity to get away from the business of life, and not so much as a forced activity that dad wants to do. How can you do that though? Well…

Make It Their Own

Kids love taking ownership of their gear and their activities. When they have something that is theirs and that they have a degree of self-ownership they jump at the opportunity to use it. They will also learn responsibility in the process. So buy them their own rod, their own tackle box, sign them up for their very own fishing tackle subscription box that they’ll be excited to receive each month, and you’ll see how excited they are when you tell them that it’s time to get ready to go fishing.

Set Them up for Success, But Prioritize Quality Time Over Catching Fish

Finally, the reason that we all fish is because that feeling of catching bass is really something special. You want to be sure that you and your kids are catching fish! So set your self up for success by bringing a few proven baits that you can trust will attract bites.

But on the off chance that you just have one of those days where the bass aren’t biting, you want to make sure that you emphasize the importance of spending quality time with each other.