As we get into the colder months and the end of many of our fishing seasons, it’s a good time to start looking ahead to the new year and planning out our future fishing trips. One thing that we always try to focus on is what items we should stock up on and put into our tackle boxes so that we’re always set up for success. It always happens each time you go fishing that you’re so caught up in the excitement of hitting the lake that you forget to pack the tackle box essentials. That’s here at the Tackle Monkey Nation we wanted to help out with these essential tackle box features to consider having.

Swivels and Extra Lines

When you’re packing your tackle box, you want to be sure to pick up swivels to keep your lines from tangling while you fish. You also want to keep plenty of extra lines on hand in case a line breaks or you need to cut it loose. Depending on what kind of waters you’re fishing in, you will also want to keep heavier lines on hand for fishing in harsh conditions and light discrete lines for calm waters. Having extra lines on hand and plenty of alternative weighing lines will set you up to have a successful day on the lake no matter what happens.

A Line Cutter or Utility Knife

Sometimes when you are fishing, you’ll get caught in a snag that you can’t get out of and you’ll need to make the decision to cut the line. It sucks but it happens. You should keep a line cutter or utility knife. We recommend using the Line Cutterz ring because it is really easy and safe to use, it attaches to your fishing rod or finger, and it can cut through just about any size line. It’s great and we include it in our monthly fishing subscription box for a reason— everyone should have one.

Soft Plastics and Jig Heads

We would have included a ton of baits that you should keep in your tackle box, but if you’re here we assume that you already have a Tackle Monkey fishing subscription box and you’re all taken care of in that department. What you should also keep in your tackle box though are a bunch of soft plastics and weighted jig heads.

Extra Sinkers

Depending on what kind of baits and lures you are using, you may have trouble getting your hooks to sink very deep. Especially if you are using worms or soft plastics. We recommend keeping extra sinkers on hand to help you get your bait and hooks deep enough to attract some big bites. You can find great sinkers made from steel or brass that are a nice weight and decently priced.