If it’s about time for you to go out and buy a fishing boat of your own, then you may be a little confused about which type of fishing boat is the best boat for bass fishing. Now, it’s important to know that just like any other kind of vehicle, there are a million different makes and models. Ultimately, what your decision should come down to the specific features that you want out of your bass fishing boat. So for today, let’s focus on the kind of boats that are used for bass fishing and not so much the make and model. We recently picked up a new TackleMonkey Nation bass fishing boat, and we wanted to offer some input into helping you decide which kind of bass-fishing boat is best for you.

Bass Boats

If you’re fishing bass, and only bass, then you can’t go wrong with a bass boat. These boats were designed and optimized to help with bass fishing out on the open lake. While these are excellent boats that were designed to improve the bass fishing experience, they really aren’t all that versatile for other uses beyond that. This is something to consider before you go out and buy that new Honda.

That being said, Bass boats are fast, powerful, and perfect for new boat owners.

Traditional Jon Boat for Bass Fishing

If you’re looking for a more affordable bass fishing boat, then you can’t really go wrong with a Jon boat. There are two big reasons that you would want to consider a Jon boat for bass fishing. First is the price. Jon boats are hands down the most affordable bass fishing boats you can find in their class. The second reason is that Jon boats allow you to reach fishing spots that other boats can’t. This is particularly useful for bass fishing when you need to look for them in the shallows.

Specific Factors to Consider

Apart from which kind of boat you want to fish from, you want to consider the specific features that each option includes. These add on features will help you narrow down your choices for which particular make and model you want to purchase. This is entirely up to personal preference, but we feel like there are a few features that most anglers look for in a new boat.

How many fishing rod holders will you need to have?
Size matters – Much standing room do you need, how big of a baitwell do you want, etc.
Are there built-in tackle boxes for all of those Tackle Monkey baits you’re bringing?

While these may seem like minor things to think about, they are little features that will make your fishing experience that much more enjoyable.